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Workers Compensation Lawyers Arizona, Workers Compensation Helpline

For The Injured Worker ARIZONA WORKERS COMP. LAWYERS can help you in:

  • Apache County
  • Greenlee County
  • Pima County
  • Cochise County
  • La Paz County
  • Pinal County
  • Coconino County
  • Maricopa County
  • Santa Cruz County
  • Gila County
  • Mohave County
  • Yavapai County
  • Graham County
  • Navajo County
  • Yuma County

The Industrial Commission is the Arizona Court for Workers Compensation

Appearance at the Industrial Commission is different that other types of law and has a different set of rules. You will need lawyers experienced in  Industrial Commission appearances and know the Arizona workman's comp. system.

Workman's Comp. Law in Arizona Is Specific to Arizona

Lawyers will need to  know the rules of  the SCF Arizona (formally known as the State Fund) and the Industrial Commission of Arizona. This includes injuries, scheduled injuries, unscheduled injuries, lost wages, loss of earning capacity, reduced wages, payment of medical bills, re-opening an old workers' compensation case, changing doctors, and repetitive injuries and death claims.

Arizona Workers Compensation and SCF

The Arizona State Compensation Fund, or SCF, was created as part of the AZ Industrial Commission in 1969.  Today it is no longer a non-profit mutual company and does not operate as part of state government.  While it is still governed by a Board of Directors appointed by the Governor, it is funded by premiums and investment returns.

Arizona requires that employers either purchase work comp insurance from a private insurance company or from SCF.  Almost 70% of AZ employers currently purchase workers compensation from SCF, making them near monopolistic.  In order for an employer to get coverage through the AZ state fund, The SCF must first decline to offer coverage to the business on a voluntary market basis.

Alternatives to SCF

AZ Employers now have tremendous options for finding better insurance rates than ever before.  Their are numerous open market carriers admitted and actively writing business in the state.  Many of these insurance companies are eager to compete with the Arizona State Fund and may provide additional coverage for out of state work.

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