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Workers Compensation Helpline, Nevada Workers Compensation Lawyers

NEVADA WORKERS COMP. LAWYERS  Injured Workers Helpline

Carson City County, Esmeralda County, Lyon County, Churchill County, Eureka County, Mineral County, Clark County, Humboldt County, Nye County, Douglas County, Lander County, Pershing County, Elko County, Lincoln County, Storey County, Esmeralda County, Lyon County

 About Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers

The Nevada Attorney for Injured Workers (NAIW) is a state agency that represents people who have been hurt in a work accident or have suffered the onset of an occupational disease. We help our clients get their workers' compensation benefits.

What You Need to Know About Your Nevada Workers Compensation Claim

  • Injured workers have the right to appeal determinations from their workers' compensation insurers in the State of Nevada Department of Administration Hearings Division.
  • Injured Workers Checklist
  • This is YOUR workers’ compensation claim. This checklist is designed to help you keep track of
  • your claim, your evidence and the timing of important dates.
  •  Start a file and keep it in a safe place.
  •  Purchase stamps for mailing letters.
  • Communicate with the workers’ compensation insurer IN WRITING. There are
  • timetables in Nevada’s workers’ compensation laws and they are triggered by you
  • mailing letters to the insurer, and the insurer mailing letters to you. Keep copies. You
  • You have the right to appeal any determination or decision made by the insurer, so
  • It Must  come to you in a letter. Discussions on the phone do not create appeal rights.
  • Get an inexpensive calender; almost every aspect of a workers’ comp. claim is on a timetable
  •  Make a log of dates that are important to your case.
  • For an occupational disease keep track of dates that relate to the appearance of symptoms.
  •  Get a current business card from your employer. You will need the information on it when you fill out workers’ comp. forms.
  •  There should be a Form D-1, Brief Description of Your Rights and Benefits poster somewhere at your work. It will be posted in a common area such as the break room.
  • The poster has your employer’s workers’ comp. information on it. Find the poster an
  • write down the information. You will need it.
  •  Make a list of anyone who may have witnessed your work injury, or who may have witnessed the result of the work injury
  •  Save copies of every form, every report and every letter that relates to your claim.
  •  Keep copies of your medical bills.
  •  If you have to travel to get medical treatment for your work injury keep track ofyour mileage.
  • Nobody knows the details of your claim as well as you do. Your documents and notes will
  • provide you with evidence when you appear before the Hearing Officer and argue your case.
  • Your files will be a source of evidence in any further appeals, and will also be important if you
  • need to reopen your claim at some date in the future. Nevada has lifetime reopening rights.
  • Call For The Injured Workers Job Injury Helpline or Contact one of our Workers Compensation lawyers today

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