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Did You Get A hernia Mesh Due To A Work Related Injury?

Did That Hernia Mesh Fail?

Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Are Being Filed For Hernia Mesh Complications

Did You Need A Revision Surgery or Mesh Removal?

Speak To a Hernia Mesh Lawyer for A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit


Hernia Mesh Lawyers For Hernia Work Related Injury

  • Composix (C.R. Bard)
  • Kugel (C.R. Bard)
  • Marlex (C.R. Bard)
  • Perfix Plug (C.R. Bard)
  • Proceed (Ethicon, Inc.)
  • Prolene (Ethicon, Inc.)
  • Sepramesh (C.R. Bard)
  • Ventralex (C.R. Bard)
  • Davol,


Hernia Mesh Lawsuits Filed

3D Max
Perfix Plug





Your Wisconsin Workers Compensation Claim

Under the Wisconsin worker's comp program, benefits are generally divided into two time periods: the temporary disability period and the permanent disability period. This classification assumes that the injured person will have some level of recovery. When the extent of that recovery has leveled off, the injured person has been said to have reached his or her "healing plateau." For injured persons with some prospect of returning to work, they will receive temporary total disability, "TTD", until they reach the healing plateau. TTD benefits are generally 2/3 of what a injured person was making at the time of the injury, without deduction for withholding or taxes.  Contact a For The Injured Worker Wisconsin Workers Compensation lawyer Today to protect your rights under the Wisconsin workers compensation law.

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