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New York Injury Lawyer- Workers Compensation Lawyers- Personal Injury

Written by lisaspitzer. Posted in Injured Worker News, New York injury lawyer, NYC Workers compensation lawyer

Injury Lawyers In New York and NYC

Injury Lawyers For Job Related Injuries, and Car and Truck Accidents in Albany, Binghamton,and the Bronx. Vaginal mesh help in, Brooklyn, Buffalo, Catskills, Elmira, Finger Lakes,and Glens Falls,Hudson Valley, Long Island, Manhatten, Oneonta, Plattsburgh, Potsdam, Queens, Rochester, Staten Island, Syracuse, Twin Tiers, Utica, Watertown, Westchester, White Plains, Rockland County, Scenectady, Catskills, Utica,  Finger Lakes, Niagara Falls and the entire State of New York.

The accident and Injury lawyers of For the Injured Worker  have been helpingNew York workers   Injured on the job and in in auto, truck and pedestrian accidents since 1980. If you are injured in a NYC car accident call us with confidence.

We promise to fight for you and seek the maximum compensation for injuries sustained from your accident. We have handled 100’s of NY personal injury and workers compensation claims . Our  NYC personal injury lawyers always take the time to review your case and explain your legal rights to you.

Workers Compensation Lawyers In New York

New York Workers compensation is a system of laws with guidelines and procedures that vary from occupation to occupation, and from state to state. If you have been injured on the job in N.Y.  you will need an experienced  New York workers compensation lawyer to guide you thru the complex maize of insurance companies, medical benefits  IME's, (independent medical exams) and  forms. Remember it is not in your employers or their insurance carriers best interest for you to stay out of work and collect benefits. They will do their utmost to avoid it. If your employer did not get the mandatory workers comp insurance you will need a lawyer to look into third party liability, a personal or other means of protecting your best interests. NYC  Workers compensation cases can often pit the interests of a sick or injured worker against the interests of an employer. And rest assured, your employer is not on your side. For this reason, the workers' compensation claim process can be adversarial and difficult and will often necessitate the use of an aggressive New York  For the Injured Worker lawyer who is experienced with regard to workers' compensation claims in New York State.
Workers compensation insurance is required for almost all employers in the U.S. that have at least three employees. State and federal laws require that employers carry workers compensation insurance in order to protect employees injured or killed on the job or made ill by the conditions at their place of work. The benefits one of our NY workers compensation lawyers can help you receive include:
▪   Payment of  medical bills
▪   disability income if you are permanently disabled
▪   a portion of lost wages
▪   vocational rehabilitation
▪   death benefits for the dependents of a deceased employee

New York Personal Injury Lawyers

 We have experienced New York lawyers for car accidents, auto accidents, train disasters, bike injuries, boating accidents, motorcycle injuries, injured workers, hotel injuries, motel injuries, on the job injuries, wrongful death, dangerous medical devices, surgical implants and  recalled drugs.Our Personal injury lawyers are here to help you with ALL SERIOUS INJURIES AND WRONGFUL DEATH cases,  all medical malpractice and class action lawsuits, all workers compensation cases, and on the job injury cases.

Workers Compensation Lawyers NYC, Personal Injury Lawyers New York

Written by lisaspitzer. Posted in Injured Worker News

A N.Y workers compensation lawyer can help you with your NYC workers compensation claim but, if there is another aspect to the injury and there is third party negligence then you will need a NYC personal injury lawyer. The NY workers compensation and third party liability peraonal injury lawyers of For the injured worker are here to help you 24 hrs 7 days.

If you're an accident victim injured at a job site due to negligence on the part of a third party, contact the work injury attorneys at for the injured worker today and schedule a free consultation to discuss your case. Our firm will promptly begin investigating what happened to expose violations of relevant safety regulations and other negligence by a third party.

The New York State Worker's Compensation Board keeps track of the most common worker's compensation injuries, the incidents that cause them and even the sex and age of injured worker.
The Most Common Incidents

In New York State, the four most common events that result in a work place injury for men and women combined are:

    Being struck by an object
    Falling to a lower level

The list is different when you separate out incidents in which men are injured from those in which women are injured; experts see a correlation between the differences on these lists and the fact that men are more likely to be employed in hazardous industries like construction. For men, the four most common incidents that result in an injury are identical to the list above, except men being struck by or against an object is more common than either type of falling. Women have a slightly different "top four" list:

  •     Overexertion
  •     Falling
  •     Repetitive motion
  •     Assaults by a violent individual

The Most Common Injuries

In New York State, the most common workers compensation injury is an injury to the back.  On average over the last several years about 20% of all accepted workers compensation claims are back related, with men reporting almost twice as many back injuries as women.

After injuries to the back, the most commonly reported injury is actually an injury to more than one body part as a result of a single event or incident. Multiple body part injuries account for about 13% of all accepted claims.

About 12% of all worker's compensation injuries are to the leg. In descending order, the next most common injuries are to the:

  •     Fingers
  •     Wrists
  •     Head
  •     Ankles

Who Gets injured on the job the most ?

  • Fishers and related fishing workers
  • Logging workers
  • Aircraft pilots and flight engineers
  • Structural iron and steel worker
  • Refuse and recyclable material collectors
  • Farmers and ranchers
  • Electrical power-line installers and repairers
  • Truck drivers
  • heavy or tractor-trailer drivers
  • Miscellaneous agricultural workers
  • Construction laborers
  • Beet sugar manufacturing:
  • Truck trailer manufacturing:
  • Iron foundries:
  • Prefabricated wood building manufacturing:
  • Framing contractors:
  • Light truck and utility vehicle manufacturing:
  • Animal slaughtering, except poultry:
  • Automobile manufacturing:
  • Cut stock, resawing lumber and planning:
  • Motor vehicle air-conditioning manufacturing:

Third Party Liability and personal Injuiry

  • Motor vehicle accidents,
  • 18 wheel truck accident,
  • delivery accidents,
  • auto accidents,
  • mechanic injury,
  • machinery,
  • environmental hazards
  • asbestos
  • oil tankers
  • cruise ship
  • airport worker injuries
  • airpalne malfunction injury or crashes
  • train crash injury
  • equipment failure
  • asbestos and mesothelioma

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