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Qui Tam Lawyers, Whistleblower Attorneys

The False Claims Act (31 U.S.C. Sections 3729-33) allows a private individual or "whistleblower", with knowledge of past or present fraud on the federal government, to sue on behalf of the government to recover stiff civil penalties and triple damages. Qui Tam is a Whistleblower case in which a citizen helps disclose fraud against the government and receive large rewards for their efforts. The cases cover illegal activities ranging from tax evasion to health care fraud involving Medicare and Medicaid.here are many federal, state, and city laws meant to encourage people to blow the whistle on fraud against the government and protect them from retaliation when they do. Many states and cities, have enacted qui tam statutes. Recoveries can be substantial and many of the statutes, including the federal statute, provide for treble damages. If you have information regarding Government fraud you may be eligible for monetary  rewards under Qui Tam.

How Does Reporting illegal Activity Help Everyone ?

If the Qui tam suit is successful, it not only stops the dishonest conduct, but also deters similar conduct by others and may result in the Relator’s receipt of a substantial share of the government’s ultimate recovery This could be 30 percent of the total.

 What is the False Claims Act

The False Claims Act, also called the "Lincoln Act," "Informer’s Act," or the "Qui Tam statute," was enacted during the Civil War. Qui Tam is shorthand for the Latin phrase "qui tam pro domino rege quam pro seipse", meaning "he who sues for the king as for himself." The law was targeted at stopping dishonest suppliers to the Union military at a time when the war effort made it all but impossible for the government to investigate and prosecute the fraud itself. Today it serves a similar purpose because of the enormous size of the federal government and the variety or programs under which it expends taxpayer funds.

More than 4,000 Qui Tam lawsuits have been filed since 1986, when the statute was strengthened to make it easier and more rewarding for private citizens to sue. The government has recovered over $6 billion as a result of the suits, of which over $960 million has been paid to Relators/whistleblowers for Qui tam lawsuits. Our experienced Qui Tam Lawyer will know if you have a case .

How does the Recovery for You Work ?

As a private citizens you will be helping  the government fight fraud by acting as a whistle blower. You may retain a QUI Tam  lawyer and file a lawsuit. The United States attorney will investigate  the lawsuit your  charges of fraud for sixty days. If the U.S. Attorney accepts your case as a fraud under QUI Tam the United States Government takes over the case and either enters into a settlement or pursues the lawsuit against the wrongdoer. You as the whistle blower will retains your right to a portion of the fines and penalties received. The government intervenes in about 25% to 33% of the cases. If the government does not  get involved  you  may settle or pursue the lawsuit on  your own. If the lawyers are successful in proving fraud against the government, the law requires the wrongdoer to pay  penalties, which can be assessed to up to 3 times the amount that the wrongdoer fraudulently stole from the government. Keep in mind by stealing from the Government they have stolen from you, the taxpayer. A mandatory penalty of between $5,000.00 and $10,000.00 per false claim will be imposed. Out of damages  you  can receive between 10% and 30% of the lawsuit recovery.  Many have been paid millions of dollars. These cases are quite technical and require very specialized expertise. Before filing, they must be properly  analyzed and prepared,  You must  retain an experienced  Qui Tam fraud case lawyer. Call For the Injured worker to protect other citizens and workers who have been defrauded along with the Government.

Call For the Injured Worker to Protect the Workers against Government Fraud

The False Claims Act Protects Patients, soldiers ,consumers and the environment. For the Injured Worker lawyers for Qui Tam lawyers, Whistleblower Attorneys are ready to help you.

Investigations Help Detecting Fraud, Whistleblowers and Qui TAM
Workers compensation investigations can investigate alleged wrongdoing or fraudulent activity that is committed by any party involved in workers compensation claims. An employee may be the subject of workers compensation investigations when they attempt to collect workers compensation for disability when, in truth, they are capable of working or when they are collecting workers compensation benefits while receiving income from another job. Any falsification of a workers compensation claim on behalf of an employee can lead to workers compensation investigations. If you are aware of Fraud against the Government regarding workers compensation and report it you may be eligible for compensation under the Government Fraud Act or QUI Tam. Whistleblowers can receive substantial pay for reporting employer  Government fraud.
Employers may also be the subject of workers compensation investigations. These investigations can be the result of an employer pressuring an employee not to file a legitimate claim, or providing misinformation which discourages valid action on behalf of an employee who is injured, disabled or killed as a result of their employment. Employers may also be the subject of workers compensation investigations when they fail to obtain proper workers compensation insurance, or commit any type of dishonest or fraudulent activity in regards to this insurance.
Insurance providers, medical professionals, and others who provide services to injured workers can also be the subject of workers compensation investigations. This can result from improper claim processing or any other type of activity which unlawfully harms any party involved in the workers compensation process

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