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Hernia Job Injury | Faulty Hernia Mesh Lawsuits

A hernia on the job injury can happen with heavy lifting. This is a tear in the abdominal or intestinal muscle wall. These can be serious and must be repaired.

What Should I  Do If I Experience a Hernia Tear  At Work?

Hernias that occur as the result of your employment are usually   covered under workers’ compensation. Hernias will often require surgery to fix, and your  employers workers’  coverage  cover the surgery and the subsequent days off of work due to recovery that you will go through.

Get immediate medical attention and advise  your employer as soon as possible after experiencing a hernia is crucial. You may be required to notify your employer of your condition.  Seeking medical treatment right away is always important, and hernias that are not treated can have serious medical consequences. Hernias should be treated medically as soon as possible as well, so do not waste any time.

Hernia cases can be complicated because you are usually required to notify your employer within a certain amount of time after the injury. However, some cases are not diagnosed immediately or are initially misdiagnosed. If by the time an employee receives an accurate diagnosis and treatment plan, this window has closed, the insurance company can deny the claim.

There Are Current Lawsuits For Failed Hernia Repai


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Hernia Mesh Lawsuits For:

Proceed (Potential)(patch only not mesh sheet)
Covidien:(Formerly Tyco)
Parietex (Potential)
Bard/ Davol
Composix EX
3D Max
Perfix Plug

The  Mesh Saga Is Never Ending

Hernia mesh complications match those of the vaginal mesh with the same manufacturers involved: Johnson and Johnson’s Ethicon, Bard and Cook

Hernia Mesh Repair Surgery Complications

Severe Pain
Hernia recurrence
Mesh sticks together
Bowel obstruction
Tissue or organ perforation
Mesh migration
Mesh revision or removal surgery


To File A Hernia Mesh Lawsuit Contact Us Today

Your filing of a product liability lawsuit for the failed mesh is different then your workers compensation claim. The manufacturer is a third prty responsible for the product that may have been used to repair the hernia.