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 Colorado Division Of Workers Compensation

Colorado has a Division of Workers Compensation that administers the rules of procedure and regulations that apply to workers compensation benefits for individuals injured at work or made ill by conditions at their jobs. The DWC also sets the medical fee schedule and rates for the network of physicians who provide medical care as part of the Colorado workers compensation system.

Report the Injury in Writing

If you're hurt on the job in Colorado, you need to notify your employer in writing about the injury within four days of its occurrence, even if you told your employer verbally or if the employer seems to be aware of the injury. If you don't notify the employer in writing within this time frame, you could lose up to one day's worth of workers compensation benefits for each day of delay. However, even if you have missed the four-day deadline, you should report the injury to your employer. If you have any questions about reporting the injury (or a later-onset illness), it's a good idea to contact a Colorado workers compensation attorney who is familiar with the laws governing on the job injuries.

Getting Medical Care

When the injury is life-threatening or may cause the loss of a limb, the worker should get immediate medical attention. Go to an emergency room.  The reporting to the employer can take place later. For all other types of injuries, a worker should notify the employer  or  his or her supervisor before getting medical care.

Talk to a Colorado Workers Compensation Lawyer

One way to ensure the best possible outcome of your claim for Colorado workers compensation benefits is to consult a knowledgeable For The Injured Worker, workers compensation lawyer for a free consultation. To schedule a private consultation with a Colorado workers compensation attorney today, contact us.


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