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What you Need to know about Arkansas Workers Compensation

In the state of Arkansas, an on-the-job injury is not automatically reported by your employer .A Workers Compensation Lawyer can help you understand your rights under the workers compensation law. It is your responsibility to report the on the job injury. After the report is made, the employer must file a claim with their workers' compensation insurer. The insurer will choose the doctor, who decides treatment. If the injured worker has an issue at any point in the process, they are given a form to fill out and a waiting period, during which the insurer decides if the patient can change treatment or doctors. The entire process depends upon the diplomatic disposition of the insurance carrier and its adjusters.The employer must report the injury to its workers compensation insurance carrier in a "First Report of Injury or Illness".

Employers cover the cost of workers compensation benefits, and it's the employer ,or its workers compensation insurance carrier, has the right to choose the doctor that will provide medical treatment for you.an you This applies to any work injury,occupational illness or workers compensation related injury.

What are the Arkansas Workers Compensation Benefits ?

The Arkansas workers compensation system pays the following workers compensation benefits:

Medical benefits which include:

  • visits to an approved medical provider
  • Your hospital care
  • Any surgery needed
  • Any braces, crutches, wheelchair, rehabilitation or surgical supplies
  • prescription drugs that might be necessary
  • medical supplies ordered by your approved physician
  • physical therapy that would be required as well as occupational therapy
  • Cash benefits for workers compensation for lost wages, including:
  • temporary total disability compensation (TTD)
  • permanent total disability compensation (PTD)
  • permanent partial disability compensation (PPD)

Death benefits are paid to the surviving spouse and children of an employee who is killed on the job. This is a as is a burial allowance.

A Arkansas Workers Compenesation lawyer can help you

Before You Are Treated you must:

Make sure that you have the approval of the workers compensation insurance company that your employer uses. If you get treated by a doctor or facility that has not been approved, you may be held liable for paying the bill.

Talk to an Arkansas Workers Compensation Lawyer,Attorney or Law Firm from For the Injured Workers

If you were injured on the job or made ill by your work, contact For The Injured Workers

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